Mint Green and Pink Earrings Spring Promo - JEWELSALEM


Mint Green Wedding Hair Comb - JEWELSALEM
Pink Bridesmaids Earrings - JEWELSALEM
Blue Wedding Hair Comb - JEWELSALEM
Pink Rose Earrings - JEWELSALEM
Fairy Fleurs Patina Locket Necklace - JEWELSALEM
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Autumn by Lake Como - JEWELSALEM
Red and Green - Jewelsalem
Pink Glass Necklace - JEWELSALEM
Juicy Aqua Gem Blue Glass Necklace - JEWELSALEM
Tea Rose Blush Floral Ring - JEWELSALEM
Robin Egg Blue - JEWELSALEM
Summer Fun Time with Flowers! - JEWELSALEM
Sweetie Peach Earrings for Summer - JEWELSALEM
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