Fairy Tale Locket Necklace - JEWELSALEM
Mint Green Wedding Hair Comb - JEWELSALEM
Turquoise Blue Mint Ring - JEWELSALEM
Sweet Mint Green Rose Earrings - JEWELSALEM
The Nostalgie Ring — JEWELSALEM
Ancient Atlantis Jewelry Collection - JEWELSALEM
Autumn by Lake Como - JEWELSALEM
Dreaming of the Aqua Sea - Jewelsalem
Soft, romantic, Dainty Duchess Collection at Jewelsalem
Red and Green - Jewelsalem
The Lost Secret Garden Rose Ring - JEWELSALEM
Mint overdoes - JEWELSALEM
Summer Roses Serenity - JEWELSALEM
Ring me up! - JEWELSALEM
Opaque  by  andbamnan